3 Amazing Trans People Advancing STEM Fields

3 Amazing Trans People Advancing STEM Fields

There are so many incredible trans individuals advancing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields and I want to highlight three incredible people.

 Photo of astrophysicist Hontas Farmer

Hontas Farmer


Describes herself as a two-spirit astrophysicist. Currently working as an adjunct professor at the College of Dupage and Elmhurst University. She describes the struggle of being a black trans woman in academia and having been a former sex worker before being able to support herself on a part-time adjunct professors salary. She is incredible and is leading a charge towards more inclusivity in the academic world.

Learn more about Hontas Farmer

Photo of Clinical Neuropsychologist Micah Sivan

Micah Savin


Describes themself as a non-binary two-spirit clinical neuropyschologist. They talk a lot about pronoun usage in the workplace and how whenever they propose an idea such as wearing pronoun identifiers, or having an email signature with anyones pronouns in it, it is typically only taken up by the lower employees and not the physicians they work with. 

Learn more about Micah Savin

Photo of theoretical astrophysicist J.J. Eldridge

J.J. Eldridge


Describes herself as a nonbinary, transwoman who is a theoretical astrophysicist studying exploding binary stars. They state, and I quote “I study exploding binary stars while exploding the myth of a gender binary.”

Learn more about J.J. Eldridge


I wish I could talk more about each of them and their incredible work towards the advancement of each of their fields!


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